Domestic Violence Classes

The Family Violence Intervention Program is designed to offer healthy alternatives to abusive and violent patterns that may be present in family relationships and to aid in the education and elimination of domestic violence in Georgia.

The Domestic Violence Intervention Program is designed to help individuals take responsibility and accountability for their thinking, feelings, and behaviors in efforts to stop the violence in their families and relationships.  The program’s guiding principles are accountability and responsibility. The program is based on a holistic approach to stopping both immediate violence and abuse and the transgenerational aspects of family violence.
1. All of our FVIP groups are gender specific, men and women groups.
2. Programs require each participant to attend a minimum of at least 24 weeks once a week group classes to be completed within 27 weeks.
3. Four absences result in an automatic termination from the program unless  a leave of absence has been approved by the referral source. (Lateness is considered an absence.)
4. Victims are not allowed to participate in Family Violence groups.
5. Classes are ninety (90) minutes in length.