What is couples mediation?

All relationships go through periods of challenge when strong emotions and differences in beliefs can result in a temporary break-down in communication. When arguments and strong disagreements persist over a long period of time, trust is lost and separation, both emotional and physical, can result. Couples mediation is a process which facilitates clear communication, identify relationship strengths and weakness, and explore outcomes that are best for both parties. This process allows both parties to express feelings in a safe, non-judgmental environment with an understanding mediator.

Who is mediation for?

Couples that are dating, married, co-parenting, or engaged that are experiencing difficulty in their relationship and recognize the appropriate outside support would be beneficial to their relationship. Mediation is for couples contemplating the next step in their relationship – divorce, marriage, cohabitation, becoming parents, etc. The goal of mediation is for all parties to be heard and resolve ongoing issues.